GENIE –  is a website to connect people with long-term conditions to local health and wellbeing activities.

Living with a long-term condition is not easy but there is a lot of local support available to help people improve health and enjoy life.

GENIE is an on-line tool that has been developed to help people visualise and think about the important relationships around them (family members, friends, acquaintances, healthcare professionals, local groups, even pets).

EUGENIE still 2

The GENIE tool guides users through four stages: firstly, to map and reflect on their social network; then it uses a short questionnaire to identify enjoyable activities; the location of each activity is then displayed on a map together with contact details; lastly, relevant online resources are explored

Anyone is free to try out GENIE

Current valid postcode areas: Hampshire/Southampton/Isle of Wight

Contact and information:

Genie via CLAHRC Wessex: 023 8059 7983 email

We’re also on Facebook

You can also see the full presentations from our launch here

GENIE by Ivo Vassilev and Prof Anne Kennedy

GENIE by Prof Anne Rogers