Support Genie

Genie is a non-profit making venture which aims to improve the wellbeing of communities.

Any costs in applying for a Genie license are purely for the creation of a system to fit your organisations’ needs. Where possible Genie set up costs are low or discounted for voluntary and charity groups.

simonwickesIf you are interested in using Genie and have any questions please email Simon Wickes

There are many ways to support Genie and one of which is to make a film about some of the activities in the local community, so that people using Genie can see what’s available. We normally give you the name and contact of that group or activity if you email us.

You will need a couple of things before you get filming. Firstly a form to make sure people are happy to be on camera if you are filming them and we also have a guide to what should be in the videos.

GENIE filming consent form April 2017

GENIE filming Tips April 2017

Finally when you have a short video you’d like to share you can go to our page to upload it on our GENIE video group

Here’s an example…