Dr Ivo Vassilev
Dr Ivaylo Vassilev – explains the work of the Genie tool
The Genie tool is expanding its reach across the Atlantic to Canada.
The team behind Genie has been working with MacMaster University, based at Hamilton in Ontario to help improve the lives of people living in a poorer part of the city.

Dr. Ruta Valaitis Professor, School of Nursing – MacMaster University

The project called INSPIRE is led by Dr Ruta Valiatis and is a collaboration between Primary Care, Public Health and community residents to promote a safe, healthy, and socially-connected social housing environment.

The objective of the study is to strengthen the link between Primary Care, Public Health, other health and social care organisations, and include the needs of the marginalised Vanier Towers community in Hamilton.
Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 11.52.16
Vanier Towers, Hamilton, Ontario
To do this they are looking to create an integrated plan for the community.  The project uses Genie in order to better understand the community health needs and engage the people living there with supportive resources in their community – resources to help support their wellbeing.
The broader aims of the project are to work together to create a joined-up community health plan, improve collaboration and community action involving all key local stakeholders (community residents, managers, community groups, municipal and regional representatives).

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