Genie is on the road

We are spreading the word about Genie, and holding a training session in Southampton today (7 June 2017) for people who want to use it in the local community.

The researchers behind the online tool are showing how it can be used to help people with a long term health condition to develop their social networks to maintain better health and quality of life.

Research conducted by NIHR CLAHRC Wessex has show that people with a more diverse social network tend to stay healthier for longer and are less reliant on their local NHS. It benefits them, but also helps the NHS by empowering someone with a long term condition to make choices about their lifestyle.

This training session for volunteers, council workers and charity workers should help the gradual take up of Genie in a number of places within the Wessex region, with benefits to the local community.

EUGENIE still 1If you would like to know more about how Genie works take a look at our brief video. If you would like to use Genie or arrange training just get in touch via

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